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Kinetic polymers

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Tanker Grounding Monitor (Flame Proof)

Model: TGM-100 When connected to a tanker truck or other conduct ...
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ESD Touch Pads

Providing the ESD Touch Pads at the entrance of ESD safe area or ...
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Fume Absorber

Model: FA-01 This instrument is to absorb the unavoidable fume, ...
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Air Ionizer

Model: BTI-01 This is table top instrument, it works on electric ...
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Wrist strap tester

Model: WST-01 This instrument is to check whether your wrist str ...
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Combo Tester

Model: CT-01 This instrument is also can be placed at the entran ...
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Footwear & Wrist Strap meter

Model: WSFT-01 This instrument is used at the entrance of the ES ...
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Personal Static Tester

Model: PST-01 Personal Static Tester (PST) or Human body voltage ...
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Digital Static Charge Meter

Model: DSM-01 Digital Static Charge Meter (DSM) is used to measu ...
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Surface Resistivity Meter

Model: SRM-100V Surface Resistivity Meter (SRM) is to classify t ...
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