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Human Body Static Voltage Checker

Kinetic Polymers

Human Body Static Voltage Checker

A human body static voltage checker is a device used to measure the static charge on a person’s body. It is used in environments where ESD buildup can cause damage to equipment and harm personnel. With this device, one can ensure that workers are properly grounded, avoiding any form of possible static electric discharge.

Kinetic Polymers has been among the most reputed and performance-driven manufacturers of high-quality human body static voltage checkers for several years. We specialize in the production of equipment that helps make your workplace secure from accidents associated with static electricity. Our portfolio of products includes clean room products, ESD workstations, VCI products, EMI/RFI products, ESD trolleys, etc. Listed below are some of its common uses:

Tanker Grounding Monitor
  • Electronics Manufacturing: Static electricity can harm delicate electronic components in settings where they are handled. To make sure employees do not have a charge that could damage the electronics, this device is used.
  • Workplace Safety: Human static voltage checkers are used by many industries such as manufacturing, laboratories, and cleanroom settings, to guarantee worker safety. Organisations can detect and reduce potential risks associated with electrostatic discharge by monitoring the static voltage levels of their workforce wherever it is applicable.
  • Quality Control: To ensure that anti-static precautions like wearing wrist straps or ESD-safe footwear are effective in reducing static discharge, human static voltage checkers are also used as part of quality control procedures. Frequent testing guarantees that staff members are adhering to all relevant ESD protocols while maintaining a static-free environment.

Kinetic Polymers goes out of its way to ensure every product it delivers is not just designed to meet the present needs of its clients but also to pave the path for innovation and improved standards in all aspects of the operation. Our team keeps a close watch on our existing production systems and identifies means to upscale them while adhering to a series of quality guidelines. We conform to a slew of internal quality guidelines in addition to complying with the ISO 9001:2015 quality management system.

Your search for the most dependable and accurate human body static voltage checker concludes with Kinetic Polymers.

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