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Wrist Strap And Footwear Tester

Esd Safe Work Table Manufacturer
Wrist Strap And Footwear Tester

Head to Kinetic Polymers for the top-performing wrist strap and footwear testers in the market. These two devices are mainly used to check the working and effectiveness of antistatic wrist straps and antistatic shoes. They are used in workspaces where ESD regulation is a must, such as electronics manufacturing and cleanrooms. Founded by a team of technocrats in 2010, our goal is to redefine safety standards in workspaces where ESD build-up is a concern. Some of our offerings include EMI/RFI products, cleanroom products, VCI products, ESD workstations, etc. Wrist strap and footwear testers include the following applications:

  • ESD Protection: They are used in electronics production and handling sensitive electronic components to ground static energy and shield electronic equipment from harm.
  • Cleanroom Setting: This equipment is used in cleanroom environments, such as semiconductor manufacturing to stop static discharge that might contaminate delicate goods.
  • Workplace Safety: Every worker’s uniform has to fulfill safety requirements, such as supplying sufficient insulation or preventing static accumulation. This is particularly important in sectors such as manufacturing, construction, or laboratories.

Kinetic Polymers understands the critical importance of such security protocols and works tirelessly to ensure every product we deliver is of the highest levels of industry standards. Our team is built from scratch comprising seasoned and driven professionals. We have served over 500 industries and offer over 100 products, allowing us to understand the exact needs of our customers and deliver custom-built solutions to meet their exact needs. Every product goes through extensive testing and quality control procedures to ensure long-term performance, dependability, and durability. In addition to complying with numerous internal quality guidelines, we also conform to the ISO 9001:2015 quality management system.

Partner with the most trusted manufacturer of wrist strap and footwear testers in the business and contribute towards workplace safety, device protection, and increased productivity with one decisive action.

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