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Flame-Proof Personnel Static Tester

Flame-Proof Personnel Static Tester
Flame-Proof Personnel Static Tester

At Kinetic Polymers, we are constantly working to revolutionize safety standards in industries where static electricity can be a constant threat. As a premier manufacturer of flame-proof personnel static testers, we believe in delivering high-quality and innovative solutions that ensure safety for workers and equipment in environments associated with ESD. Back by two decades of unmatched legacy of experience and insight into the business, our mission is to develop cutting-edge instruments that would protect workers in dangerous settings where materials could catch fire due to static electricity. Our team of skilled engineers have created state-of-the-art static testing equipment that outperforms competitors and provides unsurpassed reliability.

Quick features of our flame-proof personnel static tester include:

  • Safety Compliance: These testers are designed to meet a wide range of rigorous safety standards ensuring they can be used in hazardous locations where flammable gas and other components may be present.
  • Solid Build: The device is built with highly durable and flame-proof materials, ensuring it can operate in harsh conditions. They are also resistant to corrosion, fall impact, and other environmental factors that can degrade the equipment.
  • Accurate Measurement: Advanced technology is incorporated into our devices, ensuring accurate reading of static voltage levels on every worker.
  • Simple Design: We prioritise our customer's convenience over everything. Our testers offer a variety of intuitive features and ergonomic designs, allowing users to make the most of our testers.
  • Post-Sales Support: Our work doesn’t end with sales and product delivery. We also offer a comprehensive range of support to our customers, such as maintenance and technical assistance to ensure they have a wholesome experience with us throughout the process.
  • For the most prolific manufacturer of flame-proof personnel static testers, head to Kinetic Polymers today!

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