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Conductive Compounds

Kinetic Polymers

Conductive Compounds

Maintaining the legacy of more than two decades, Kinetic Polymers is an established name in the industry. We are a renowned manufacturer of Conductive Compounds. As the name suggests, ‘Conductive Compounds’ helps in conducting electricity.

We offer Conductive Compounds that provide you with the ultimate performance in ESD and other conductive plastics applications. Conductive compounds are lightweight, recyclable and corrosion-resistant.

Conductive Compound
Innovative chemistry for high tech solutions

Kinetic polymers supply a diverse product range of Conductive Compounds to meet performance requirements across many industries.

Conductive Compounds have many advantages compared to metals :
  • Electrical conductivity
  • Light weight
  • Good processability
  • Economical and recyclable

Conductive Compounds are typically used in ESD and EMI shielding applications. Other applications include metal replacement solutions, heating elements, dust suppression and the prevention of electrostatic attraction.
We, at Kinetic Polymers are always innovating to perfect our formulations and develop new Conductive Compounds to meet the plastics industry’s requirements.