Since establishment of Kinetic Polymers in 1995, we have endeavored to protect workforce and assets
against any accident due to Static Charge; in this span of time we gained good reputation in the
industries, the best quality of products and workmanship made us stand on the top class in its kind. We
proud to say that we are catering the most of the Defence organizations, Electronics Industries,
Pharmaceuticals Industries, Explosive Industries, & Metal industries across India, we also undertake
turnkey projects of complete ESD safe Labs, Cleanrooms, & EMI/RFI Shielding chambers.
We have excellent infrastructure compliance to latest ISO 9001 standard, we are continuously updating
our system and infrastructure in production/ Testing/ R&D facility, and our qualified, creative and well
trained team is always engaged in R&D of various new products to support the ESD Safe atmosphere for
our clients. Our familiarity is not only retaining up to nationwide but now Kinetic Polymers gone
globally; we have started exporting various products to African and UAE Countries. We also have tied up
relation with Korean, Malaysian, Hong Kong, & Chinese Companies and started importing directly.
Kinetic Polymers always accept the challenges and giving the best output to every critical problem, our
dedicated and professionals have proven as a result oriented work force.
Our audit team inspects the client’s facility & assets comprehensively and then we provide a complete
ESD Audit report with our expert suggestions.
Kinetic Polymers also conduct the Verbal & Video Presentation to educate on safety and guide how to
implement the ESD Safe procedures and activities at your working area, and point out the corrective
measures and assessment to imply. We also educate on the possibilities of minor or fatal accidents due
to negligence or not upgrading the facilities.


Static Charge is the most responsible of causing accidents in an Electronic, Chemical & Explosive
industry, if such accidents occur in an electronic industry, could damage the sensitive devises which
could be either minor or worth of huge value, and if the same accident occurs in a Chemical or Explosive
industry so it could be a fatal or in some cases loss of complete facility.
This static charge should be controlled in a proper way by various methods depending how static
sensitive product you are handling with. If you are working for an electronic industry and handling
sensitive devises then you must have proper ESD safe lab where flooring, workstations, chairs, clothing,
footwear, trolleys for transportation, containers and packaging material everything should be static safe,
ESD grounding system to be provided at the entrance, it should be helpful to drain the static charge
from the body upon touching it for couple of seconds, it is advisable to have Human Body Voltage
Checker or at least Combo tester at the entrance to check the footwear and wrist strap is anti static or
not and also check whether they are working properly. Usually the surface resistance of the anti static
products used in an electronic industry should be in the range of 105 to 109Ω Ohms as per ANSI 2020
And if you are working for a Chemical /Explosive Industry then you must be very careful to implement
the safety rules and have complete conductive products which discharge the static charge in less than 2
seconds, because the rate of decay of static charge should be faster and safely. Usually the surface
resistance of the conductive products used in a chemical industry should be in the range of 103 to 108
Ohms as per NFPA-77 Standard.
The surface resistance of the conductive products used in an explosive industry should be in the range of
103 to 105 Ω Ohms as per STEC-7 / BS2020 Standard


We do ESD Audits and check whether the client is having the facility which is meeting ESD Safe national
& international standard, we use our own instruments for this testing and later we provide them an
audit report and also we suggest how to implement the safety rules as per standards.
Kinetic Polymers make the complete range of Conductive Products for a Chemical /ExplosiveIndustry
like Conductive HDPE Drum, Pallet, Carboys, Buckets, Mugs, Scoops, Scrapers, Samplers, Hose Pipes,
Bowls, Hammer, Spoons, footwear, clothing, coveralls, etc