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Conductive Master Batch Manufacturers

Kinetic Polymers are famous Conductive Master Batch Manufacturers in India, Hyderabad. We are Sustained by the team of experts; we are the leading Manufacturers of Conductive Master batch. We offer Conductive Master Batch in a various collection of plastics applications primarily for the dissipation of static charge. In the production of modern electronics, electrostatic discharge has a reflective effect on the production process of logistics. .

Why Kinetic Polymers :

conductive master batches are static control components which prevents damage due to high voltage stimuluses and flows. Our masterbatch products are identical with quality, dependability and high performance. While our products have accomplished successfully in plastic applications for eras and continue to be top choices for customers, we are always modernizing to perfect our formulations and develop new solutions to meet the plastics industry’s developing requirements.

Applications of Conductive Master Batch
Conductive Master Batch Manufacturers
  • Antistatic packaging
  • Handling of electronic components
  • Power cables and accessories
  • Automotive industry