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Human Body Voltage Meter

Kinetic Polymers

Human Body Voltage Meter

Doesn’t it sound interesting to check the voltage of our body? Human body voltage meter is a new and visual method of detecting the amount of static charge a person is carrying. External field induces an electric field within our bodies and act as antennas picking up fields from electric blankets, alarm clocks, and everything connected to electric power.Human body voltage meter indicates the level of AC voltage on the body from its surroundings.

We, at Kinetic Polymers with our 23+ years experience manufacture the best-in-class human body voltage meter and ensure proper functionality.

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Measure the voltage effects of EMF on your body!

Human body voltage meter measures the amount of AC voltage attached to the human body from various power sources like electrical wires, overhead power lines, extension Cords and such appliances. Typically it is used in sleeping areas to determine what circuit breakers require a demand switch. It is capable of giving precise measurements in milliVolts. Human body voltage meter is very simple to use and only requires the personnel under test to touch the plate on the instrument and directly read the charge level on the meter. Apart from the measuring the charge, it can also safely drain away the charges on the body.