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VCI stands for Volatile Corrosion inhibitor or Vapor Corrosion Inhibitor. VCI will protect all ferrous metals (iron,cast iron,carbon steel,chrome,etc.).VCI will also protect non-ferrous metals (copper, brass, bronze).Specialty VCI papers are also available to protect aluminum,silver and gold from corrosion and tarnish. VCI papers and films are treated with corrosion inhibiting chemicals.These chemicals are volatile,so they move from the VCI paper or film to the surface of the metal.These chemicals form a molecular layer of protection on the surface of the metal which will not allow rust or corrosion to take place. VCI productswill provide complete protection for up to five years.We have a complete range of VCI products for long and short terms protection. VCI products should be used in any area in which corrosion or rust can occur.This includes in-process work,storage ,in inventory,during shipment,and during export.Unprotected metal may being to corrode immediately,so VCI protection should beging as quickly as possible. No,oils and greases are not necessary when using VCI products.This eliminates the labor intensive,costly,and messy application of these oils.It also eliminates the need for removal of these oils.VCI products are an environmentally-friendly, safe, cost-effective alternative to oils and greases. VCI Products will actually protect metal parts better than rust preventive oils.VCI chemicals are volatile,which means they will protect all of the hard to reach crevices and holes in metal parts.These areas are difficult for oils to reach.Oils will only protect the areas in which they are direct contact phase,but more importantly,in the vapor phase. VCI Products are clean and dry,not oily and messy. VCI Products are easy to use,less labor costs. VCI Products are better for employee’s health. VCI products protect against moisture and corrosion. VCI products can be custom-printed with your company logo. VCI products are safer than oils and greases. They may reduce insurance cost. VCI products protect metal parts against corrosion better than any other corrosion inhibiting products.

The chemicals in VCI Products are volatile. When metals are wrapped or packaged in VCI, the chemicals volatize in the packaging environment and form a protective molecular layer on the surface of the metal. This protective layer prevents moisture, salt, dirt, oxygen, and other material from depositing on the metal and causing corrosion.