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Foaming agent masterbatch

Kinetic Polymers

Foaming agent masterbatch

Foaming agent masterbatch

If you are looking for an eminent foaming agent masterbatch, then Kinetic Polymers is the right place for you.

We have over two decades of experience in serving the electronic industries, chemical industries, and explosive industries. Our products have been supplied to more than 500 industries across India. We are well-known for manufacturing a wide variety of ESD-safe products, masterbatches, clean room products, and EMI/RFI products. Our talented and experienced professionals are recurrently engaged in doing research to manufacture innovative and customer-centric products.

Kinetic polymers provide the best foaming agent masterbatches at competitive prices. These masterbatches, when added to the PVC / & LDPE, offer a foaming structure to the end product. In addition to this, we also manufacture Slip Masterbatch, Anti Block Masterbatch, Anti-Static Masterbatch, Nucleating Agent Masterbatch, and VCI Masterbatch. Our masterbatches with their distinct features when used in the manufacturing of a diverse range of products will enhance the quality and durability of the products.

We are known for our commitment to manufacturing numerous ESD-safe products and supplying them to multiple industries across India. Our highly specialized foaming agent masterbatches are manufactured with utmost precision to ensure durability and reliability when added to diverse products.

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