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ESD Bins

ESD Bins

Kinetic Polymers is one of the top-ranking ESD Bins Manufacturers in India with over 22 years of experience. We have served more than 500 industries by delivering our quality and efficient products. We are also certified by the ICL and have received several other certifications for manufacturing high-quality products.

The ESD Bins are used in varied industries due to their numerous applications and characteristics. They ensure the reliability and durability of the products and the environment by preventing the damages caused due to the discharge of static electricity. Our major ESD products include Conductive and Anti-Static products. We also manufacture top-notch masterbatches, EMI/RFI products, Cleanroom products, VCI products, and many more efficient products. We provide a wide variety of ESD Bins namely ESD safe Conductive bins, ESD Safe Trays, and ESD waste bins. All these bins are available in various sizes and the price of each bin would differ depending on the various factors.

Kinetic Polymers have supplied more than 100 products to our customers and are aspiring to manufacture varied customer-centric products. We do ESD Audits, provide audit reports and give you complete guidance for ESD labs.

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