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EMI Shielding Aluminium Honeycomb

Kinetic Polymers is a foremost manufacturer, supplier of EMI Shielding Aluminium Honeycomb in India, Hyderabad. Our EMI shielding products are made from Aluminium Honeycomb mounted into a frame. We are specialize in aluminium honeycomb cores and aluminium honeycomb panels to several Industry. We offers high levels of shielding with a minimum resistance to air flow. Honeycomb vent panels are used where there is a necessity for high level airflow and EMI Shielding concert. Laminated honeycomb panels provide important strength-to-weight ratio, and many industries are advancing from this technology. Our EMI Shielding products are designed for use in various electronic industries where good air flow is mandatory for cooling and drying but where EMC obedience must be ensured.

Emi Shielding Products

Our EMI Shielding Aluminium Honeycomb can be supplied in several configurations to suit different EMI Shielding performance requirements.Our company are pride in creative design, customer satisfaction and quality workmanship. Our engineers develop new and advanced products often in close co-operation with selected partners in the private industry. An extensive range of aluminium extrusion mounting frames are available from stock contributing a choice of mounting methods and sizes.

EMI Shielding Aluminium Honeycomb
  • Light weight
  • High defending performance
  • Low air-flow resistance
  • Decrease of turbulence