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Digital Surface Resistivity Meter With Special Probes

If you are searching for a Digital Surface Resistivity Meter With Special Probes, visit Kinetic Polymers.

We, at Kinetic Polymers specialize in making diverse ESD-safe products and masterbatches as per the requirements of our customers. With more than 22 years of experience, we have served over 500 industries across India. Our team is well-equipped with the market knowledge to make sure that we deliver reliable and efficient products to our customers. We are also certified by the ICL and have received numerous notable certifications, ensuring our good quality practices.

Our Digital Surface Resistivity Meter with special robes can be used to measure the resistivity between the two points. Table and floor mats, workbench surfaces, packing materials, and several other materials have surface resistivity which can be prone to ESD-related issues. In such cases using the Digital Surface Resistivity Meter With Special Pro will be highly beneficial in prevailing the unwanted static energy that would cause damage to the electronic components. Our digital surface resistivity meter can identify pivotal factors such as ambient temperature, surface-to-ground temperature, and Data Hold function. It can also be used to know whether the surface is Dissipative, Insulative, or Conductive. You can also use the special probes to measure the surface resistance.

A few of the key specifications of our digital surface resistivity meter:

Digital Surface Resistivity Meter With Special Probes
  • Power Supply: 9 Volt DC Battery
  • Weight: 160 grams
  • Warranty: 12 months
  • Measurement Range: 103 to 1011 Ohms / Sq, 0-50C
  • Battery Conditions: Indication on LCD Display

All these paramount features of our Digital Surface Resistivity Meter With Special Probes will be beneficial in handling discharge of the static electricity at your workplace or in industries.

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