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Clean Room Products Manufacturers

Type Of Face Masks

1/2/3-ply normal non-woven facemask :

It is made of a breathable fabric with efficient filtration, and minimized particle generation, free of silicone oil or odor.

4-ply carbon facemask :

The 4-ply active carbon facemask is composed of PP non-woven cloth on the top and bottom layers. The middle two layers are active carbon filtration material and melt-blown non woven cloth. This kind of facemask is odorless, can filtrate bacteria, dust, micro granules, and organic poisonous gases effectively.

Cleanroom facemask :

It is made of ES material, with the PU head-loop or ear-loop by clean woven material with high elasticity. It feels soft and comfortable against the face and will not cause harm to user. It widely applied in industrial cleanroom and production environment which demands high cleanness.

Head Covering
Head Covering

Surgical Caps feature non-linting Kaycel fabric with a polypropylene top for breathability. Kaycel is an absorbent material that will trap perspiration keeping it out of the user’s eyes.

  • Color : Blue / White
  • Applications : Medical, cleanroom, critical environment, food handling/production, industrial manufacturing.
Clean Room booties Products Manufacturers
Clean Room Booties
  • Surface Resistivity
  • Sole : 1.0 x 10^7 to 1.0 x 10^10 Ohms / Sq(Static Dissipative)
  • Sole : 1.0 x 10^5 to 1.0 x 10^7 Ohms / Sq (Conductive)
  • Fabric : 1.0 x 10^7 to 1.0 x 10^10 Ohms / Sq(-ST,Parllel line)
  • Fabric : 1.0 x 10^6 to 1.0 x 10^7 Ohms / Sq(-GD,Checked grid)
  • Resistance to ground 1.0 x 10^6 to 1.0 x 10^9 Ohms (Static Dissipative) 1.0 x 10^5 to 1.0 x 10^7 Ohms (Conductive)
Clean Room wipes Products Manufacturers
Clean Room Wipes

We,Clean Room Products manufacture clean room Wipes have various specification which is Made of special polyester fiber, it is excellent at removing dust and absorbency, low in particles and extractable. It is soft to the touch and will not damage the surface of objects.It has almost no chemical reaction, good performance in either wet or dry condition and flexibility on style and size. There are several kinds for different applications and functions.

  • Cleaning sensitive optical and photo mask surfaces.
  • Packed in anti-static silicon free polybags.
  • Heat sealed, solvent safe, double bagged clean room packaging
  • Semiconductor production line, chips, microprocessor etc.
  • Semiconductor assembling line
  • Disk driver, composite materials
  • LCD display products
  • SMT production line
  • Precision instruments
  • Optical products
  • Aviation industry
  • PCB products
  • Medical facilities
  • Laboratory, Cleanroom and production line.
Clean Room Slippers
Clean Room Slippers

    We,Clean Room Products manufacture clean room slippers have various specification

  • Material : PVC
  • Colour : White (As per Sample)
  • Surface Resistivity : ≤ 10^9 Ohms
  • Volume Resistivity : 0.75 to 100 Mega Ohms
  • Static Generation : Nil