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Anti rodent Masterbatch & Films

Kinetic Polymers

Anti rodent Masterbatch & Films

Anti rodent Masterbatch & Films

To acquire the best quality Anti rodent Masterbatch & Films, visit Kinetic Polymers. We are one of the renowned ESD product manufacturers in India. Our 22 years of experience in serving more than 500 industries across India has propelled us to manufacture a diverse range of top-tier ESD and masterbatch products. We have supplied more than 100 products to numerous industries such as electronic, chemical, and explosive industries.

Our anti-rodent masterbatches can be added to the HDPE (High-Density Polyethylene) and Polypropylene (PP) to manufacture cables and pipes. The odor of these masterbatches is very unpleasant. When they are used to manufacture a diverse range of pipes and cables they begin to emit a foul smell. The foul smell will eventually deter the rodents from damaging the pipes, cables, or any other materials manufactured by the anti-rodent masterbatches.

We transport the Anti rodent Masterbatch & Films by ship, airplane, and surface.We also manufacture anti-static masterbatches, Conductive masterbatches, antimicrobial masterbatches, and Slip Masterbatches at competitive prices for our customers. We adhere to strict quality standards and comply with good manufacturing practices while we manufacture/supply our products.

All these noteworthy details and our commitment to providing quality, efficient, and reliable products have indeed led us to become a top-notch Anti rodent Masterbatch & Films in India.

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