Tanker Grounding Monitor

With more than 23+ years of experience, Kinetic Polymers specializes in tanker grounding monitor. All our products are in compliance to the International standards. We all are familiar with the concept of ‘grounding’. Grounding is one of the best ways to drain static charges.
We, at Kinetic Polymers strive for precision and reliability in all our equipment and instruments.

Grounding protection system

Tankers carrying large volumes of flammable liquids generate enormous amounts electrostatic charge. If the charge is allowed to accumulate on a tanker, this could discharge sparks that exceed the minimum ignition energies. Here comes the role of tanker grounding monitor, these can prevent the ignition by static electricity by ensuring the road tanker has a reliable connection to the Earth.

Grounding is done with the help of the grounding clamp which is connected to the main body of the tanker.


  • Monitors all safety-related functions continuously
  • Ensures no static electricity is built on the tanker
  • Ensures resistance between the tanker and the verified earthing point

In accordance with the requirement of the clients, we manufacture the best-in-class tanker grounding monitor system as per the ISO standards and safety protocols.