Instrument To Measure Static Electricity

Kinetic Energy is one of the best leading manufacture of the product Instrument which Measures Static Electricity.Static electricity is simply high voltage Electricity.Static electricity is the imbalance of both negative and positive charges on an object’s surface.It is easily visible, like when a spark is seen after touching a metal. We are involved in manufacturing and exporting various instrument products like Tanker Grounding Monitor,ESD Touch Pads,Air Ionizer,Combo Tester,Personal Static Tester and Much More.

Our Products:

Tanker Grounding Monitor:

Model: TGM-100

When it is connected to a tanker truck or other conductive equipment, the monitoring circuit which ground the equipment and verifies a low resistance connection between the equipment and ground.Then Good connection is confirmed by an indicator light and after relay is energized to control the other drives like motors.

Why Kinetic Polymers:

kinetic Polymers established in the year 1995 which is located in Hyderabad.We are manufacturer and exporter of various products like anti static products, ESD products, master batches,VCI Products, instruments to measure static electricity, clean room products, EMI Shielding,Master Batches etc.We are proud to inform that our products are scattered in various application like Defence organizations, Electronics Industries, Pharmaceuticals Industries, Explosive Industries & Metal industries.we are ISO 9001 standard Highly researched,Tested and Supply qualified Products to the customers.