Explosive Industries

ESD Chairs / Stools
Our ESD safe chairs are comfortable and stylish, with composite ...Read More
Anti Static /Conductive HDPE Drum
Capacity range from 5 to 120 Liters, made by conductive HDPE and ...Read More
Anti Static /Conductive Carboy
Capacity of carboy is 5 liters it is made by conductive HDPE mat ...Read More
Conductive Buckets
Capacity 14 Liters which is made by conductive Polypropylene mat ...Read More
Anti Static /Conductive Scoop
Capacity 500 Grms, made by conductive Polypropylene material and ...Read More
Conductive Pallet
This heavy duty pallet are made by conductive Polypropylene mate ...Read More
Anti Static /Conductive Mug
Capacity 1 and 1 ½ Liter and it is also made by conductive Poly ...Read More
Conductive Scraper
This scraper is made by conductive Polypropylene and can be used ...Read More
Conductive Bins / Crates
Conductive Polypropylene based bins / crates are require to carr ...Read More
Conductive Spoons
We have various sizes of conductive spoons, made by conductive p ...Read More
Conductive Sampler
Conductive polypropylene Sampler could be as long as you want, i ...Read More
Conductive Hose Pipe
Various range from 25 mm diameter, and made by conductive HDPE m ...Read More
Trolley Wheels / Chair Castors / Studs
We make polypropylene conductive wheels in various sizes for tro ...Read More
Stainless Steel Trolleys
This is custom make product, we can make as per your requirement ...Read More
Conductive Dust Bin
Conductive dust bin is made by conductive Polypropylene material ...Read More
ESD Aprons / Coverall
ESD Apron /Coverall is needed to wear over non anti static cloth ...Read More
Conductive / ESD Footwear
Wearing ESD footwear is mandatory for a chemical industry; eithe ...Read More
Heel Straps
Conductive heel straps are also excellent option not to generate ...Read More
Anti Static /Conductive PVC Flooring
Conductive PVC Flooring is also an option to drain the static ch ...Read More
Safety Shield
Safety shield is always safe in R&D where the risk of any ki ...Read More
Conductive Rubber Mat
This conductive mat could be either in rubber or PVC, this mat i ...Read More
Anti Static Epoxy Flooring
Epoxy flooring is better option for smooth & jointless surfa ...Read More
Conductive Products
...Read More