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Conductive Black Tubing & Bags

Conductive-Black-Tubing-BagsConductive bags protect static sensitive components from electrostatic damage. The is unaffected by humidity or age, making it ideal for transportation purpose and storage requirements. The bag also provides a complete faraday cage when used properly. Conductive volume loaded material
Standard ESD printing
Heat sealable, Black Bags for packaging tubes of IC’s
Tubing for making custom bags
Surface resistance 104-105 Ohm

Conductive Grid Bags

Conductive Grid BagsWe offer quality range of ESD Test Equipments that includes ESD Measuring Instruments Surface Resistivity Meter (9 V), Surface Resistivity Meter (100 V), Surface Resistivity Meter (100 V) With Probes, Dual Surface Resistivity Meter With Probes, Wrist Strap Testers etc.

We also offer following ESD safe packaging materials:

  • Conductive Black Tubing & Bags
  • Conductive Grid Bags
  • Anti static Pink Tubing & Bags
  • Zipped & Open-top Shielding Bags
  • Anti static Pink Foam
  • Conductive Cushioning Foam
  • Anti static Pink Bubble Bags
  • Anti static Pink Bubble Roll
  • Shielding Bubble Bags
  • Anti static Pink Bags & Zip type bags
  • Moisture Barrier Bags
  • Conductive Corrugated Box