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ESD Chairs Manufacturers

Kinetic polymers are trusted well known ESD Chairs Manufacturers in India, Hyderabad. We are a known by offering best quality ESD Chair for clean rooms and for medical industry. Our ESD Chairs are designed and created to offer optimal comfort. ESD chairs are essential for working with electronic components. These ESD Chairs prevent the build-up of static electricity by grounding electricity to the earth. These chairs provide extreme support to workers, who are sitting or standing.

Why ESD Chair

ESD Chair is not only being successful to provide any protection against static electricity. By placing these ESD chairs on any stranded floor mat, you can be guarantee that any static charge generated for any reason will be safely degenerated before they can do any damage. Consumption of the chairs can lessen the environmental pollutant in many clean room applications. Our ESD chairs were well-known by engineers specialized in workplace design. We, ESD Chairs Manufacturers offer ESD Chairs at the very cost effective price and our products fulfil with international standards of safety and quality.

Features of ESD Chairs
ESD Chairs Manufacturers
  • Automatic hydraulic height Adjust
  • Available with or Without Arm-Rest
  • Longer service life
  • Ergonomic Stress Free Design
  • Less maintenance
  • Available in various ESD material