Electronic Industries

ESD Workstations
This is tailor made product we design the workstation and tables ...Read More
ESD Chairs / Stools
Our ESD safe chairs are comfortable and stylish, with composite ...Read More
ESD PVC Flooring Mat
It is also known as sandwich mat, comes in three layers, Standar ...Read More
Anti Static Rubber Sheet
This rubber sheets are used in an electronic industries on the a ...Read More
ESD PVC Flooring Conductive Tiles
Homogenous PVC tiles in various colors and granite finish Standa ...Read More
ESD SS Trolleys
Tailor made product, we can offer you in various shelves, and we ...Read More
ESD Apron
ESD Aprons as per ANSI 2020 standard and available in various co ...Read More
ESD Bunny Suit /Cover all
ESD Bunny suits & Cover all in various colors and sizes whic ...Read More
ESD Head Caps
We have several head caps either polyester material which is ESD ...Read More
Anti Static Gloves
Polyester make gloves, with conductive yarn, fit for everybody, ...Read More
Anti Static Shoes
We have clean room compatible anti static shoes, and also having ...Read More
ESD Polyurethane Foam
We have excellent quality of Polyurethane foam in various densit ...Read More
ESD Slippers
ESD Slippers are available in two types either in EVA Slippers o ...Read More
Anti Static / Autoclavable and suitable for clean rooms, and all ...Read More
Shoe Covers ESD and Normal
We have different types or shoe covers either anti static or nor ...Read More
Illuminated Magnifier
We have excellent quality of Illuminated Magnifier either with f ...Read More
ESD Bins / Crates
We offer you either Polypropylene injection molded in various si ...Read More
ESD Polyethylene Foam
We have excellent quality of Polyethylene PE foam in various den ...Read More
ESD Trays
Conductive PP injection molded Trays available in various sizes ...Read More
ESD PCB Tray / PCB L-Type Conductive Trays
Molded with Conductive PP, there are two types of trays, Flat an ...Read More
ESD Magazine Rack
ESD Magazine Rack can accommodate 50 PCBs it is designed to adju ...Read More
ESD Component Organizer
ESD Magazine PP rack where the small static sensitive components ...Read More
Floor Marking Tapes
Floor marking tapes in various widths and colors, and our produc ...Read More
ESD Brushes
We have wide range of conductive brushes from 20 mm to 50 mm, av ...Read More
ESD Tweezers
Conductive PP tweezers in different models   ...Read More
ESD Floor Cleaning Solutions
Floor cleaning solution is used to clean the anti static floorin ...Read More
ESD Grounding Cables
Grounding cables are require to connect on the corner of the wor ...Read More
ESD Wrist Straps
Excellent quality, durable wrist straps, it has good elasticity ...Read More
ESD Heels Straps
Heel straps is design to drain the static charge from the body, ...Read More
Sticky Door Mat
Sticky door mats are required for any class of a cleanroom, this ...Read More
ESD Trolley Wheels / ESD Chair Wheels / Studs
Conductive Injection Molded Wheels available in various sizes an ...Read More
Static Shielding Bags
PE Bags with static shielding layer for the protection of the st ...Read More
Anti Static Bags
These bags do not generate the static charge inside, but outside ...Read More
ESD Bubble Bags / Sheet
These bags are made by polyethylene material with air bubbles, t ...Read More
Copper Tapes
Copper Tapes are used for EMI Shielding and grounding purpose we ...Read More
Anti Static Shoe Covers
We have various types of shoe covers either in polyethylene or n ...Read More
Anti Static Epoxy Flooring
Epoxy flooring is better option for smooth & jointless surfa ...Read More
Aluminum Tape
Aluminium Tapes are used for EMI Shielding and grounding purpos ...Read More