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Conductive Mat

Conductive Mat 2
Antistatic Flooring made of PVC is available in different colours with resistance value of10^6 Ohms/Sq. Available in tile/roll form they can be easily laid on the existing floors. Conductive rubber flooring black in coloiur hand have a resistance value of 104 to 109 Ohms/ Sq.Can be easily laid on existing floors and are provided with grounding studs

Conductive Tray

conductive trayConducive tray made from electrically conductive plastic, shield out static and easily grounded o insure zero static potential on a conductive work station as a static safe storage. They protect sensitive electronic components from static charge or field commonly found on your working environment



Conductive Bin / Tray

Conductive Bin/TrayWe offer a wide array of conductive bins manufactured by ALKON. These conductive bins are fabricated in varied specifications as per the requirements. These conductive bins are made from Polypropylene Copolymer. Supra-Bins are designed to be stacked one on top of each other.
These conductive bins are known for strong heavy duty due to reinforced base side and stacking rim. These bins are resistant to most industrial solvents. For clear access, these are provided with identification card holder slots. To store all types Electronic Sensitive components or Devices at work places & in stores to protect from Static Charges. The stackable design will occupy less space in stores.

Material : Conductive Polymer

Surface Resistivity : 10^4 to 10^6 Ohms/Sq.

Volume Resistivity : 10^4 to 10^6 Ohms/Sq

Conductive HDPE Pipe

Connductive HDPE PipesMaterial : Antistatic HDPE Hose Pipe
Colour : Black
Chemical Resistance: Almost all Acids, Alkali, Solvents at room temp
Excellent solvent resistance
Temperature Resistance unto 75 Degrees
Permanent Antistatic Property
Surface Resistivity : ≤ 10^6 Ohms
Static Generation : Nil

Conductive Wheel

wheelColour : Black
Material : Conductive Polymer
Diameter : 25, 50, 75, 100,125 & 150 mm
Density : 1.2 – 1.6 gms / cm3
Surface Resistance : < 10^8 Ohms
Volume Resistance : < 10^8 Ohms – Cm
Static Generation : Nil
Excellent abrasion, excellent chemical resistance and can with stand till 100 Degrees Ctag”Used for trolley wheels

Conductive Bottles

Conductive BottlesColour : Black
Material : Synthetic Rubber & Conductive Carbon Black
Shore Hardness : > 90 Shore “A”
Temperature Resistance : 100 Deg C
Surface : Smooth on both the sides
Surface Resistance : < 10^3 Ohms
Volume Resistance : < 10^3 Ohms – Cm
Static Generation : Ni

Conductive Rod

Conductive rodColour : Black
Length : 1 Feet
Diameter : 6, 12, 18, 24 & 36 mm
Material : Conductive Carbon & UHMWPE
(Ultra High Molecular weight Polyethylene)
Density : 1 – 1.2 gms / cm3
Surface Resistivity : < 10^5 Ohms
Volume Resistivity : < 10^5 Ohms – Cm
Static Generation : Nil
Excellent abrasion, excellent chemical resistance and can with stand till 100 Deg C

Conductive Brushes

ConductivebrushesAnti-Electrostatic Brush is the straight-bent holder Anti-Electrostatic Brush which made by special electric – plastic material. The Brush is used for cleaning all kinds of components. The plastic brush do not break the components.




Conductive Pin-insertion Foam

Conductive pinConductive foam is a soft porous polymer, with electrically conductive property, for use in packing applications of printed wiring assemblies with static sensitive components as also in storing of ESD sens




Conductive Roller

Conductive RollerColour : Black
Material : Conductive Carbon &amp; Nitrile Rubber
Diameter : 12, 18, 24 &amp; 36 mm
Length : 1 Feet
Density : 1.2 &ndash; 1.6 gms / cm3
Surface : Smooth on both the sides
Surface Resistance : &lt; 10^5 Ohm

Conductive Shoes

Conductive ShoeColour : Black, Sizes : 6, 7, 8, 9 & 10
Sole : Conductive Rubber, Top : Leather
Resistance of the Sole : 10^4 Ohms
Resistance to Ground : 10^5 Ohms
Surface Resistivity : < 10^5 Ohms
Volume Resistivity : < 10^5 Ohms – Cm
Static Generation : Nil
Slip on & Lace type, both models available.
Resistance to ground, after standing on the conductive flooring <10^6 Ohms

Conductive Slippers

Conductive SlippersAntistatic footwear are essential to drain out the human body static electricity safely to the ground. Antistatic slippers prevent the accumulation of static electricity and remove any existing static electricity from the body. These footwear are made rubber, with light weight, Permanent Antistatic, Black color, Non PVC Material. Meeting the ESD.2020 standards. Various sizes are available, and are very easy to wear


Conductive Hammer

Conductive HammerConductive Hammer is made with Conductive plastic material.
Colour : Black
Surface Resistance : < 10^5 Ohms
Static Generation : Nil



Conductive Spatula

Conductive Spatula

Colour : Black, Material : Conductive Rubber
Width (Top) : 25 mm, Width (Bottom) : 55 mm
Length : 250 mm
Temperature Resistance : 120 Deg C
Surface : Smooth on both the sides
Surface Resistance : < 10^4 Ohms
Volume Resistance : < 10^4 Ohms – Cm
Static Generation : Ni

Conductive Pallet

Conductive PalletElectrostatic discharge (ESD) is a key phrase for logistical solutions in the automotive or electronics industries. The carbon conductive system in these pallets is made from special material to give the desired anti-static effect. Only a product with conductive properties presents the ideal complement to conductive crates, and is able to protect components from being affected by electrostatic charge and electric fields.
Conductivity is less them 10^6 Particularly suitable for electronics, pharmaceuticals and automotive parts and their suppliers Protects components from being affected by electro-static charge Special materials for anti-static properties Consistent complement to conductive crates

Conductive Scoop

Conductive ScoopAnti-Static Scraper and Scoop safely clean up explosive. materials and volatile liquids.Made of non-sparking, anti-static polypropylene for safe cleanup of highly flammable products. Resists harsh chemicals. Smooth edges reduce scratching.