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Antistatic Flooring Manufacturer

Kinetic polymers involved as best Antistatic Flooring Manufacturer and supplier in Hyderabad. Selecting a flooring for your business can be awe-inspiring with many to choose from, specially if you are probing for options that are conducive to your industry. Our Antistatic products is often a smart and valuable choice. Anti-static epoxy flooring also known as Static Dissipative Flooring protects both delicate electronic equipment and employees from an electrostatic discharge. We offer Antistatic Flooring that has today occurred as a general choice in the market due to its loftier quality and inexpensive pricing. Using this products, free static electric charges are involved and digital equipment remains protected.

Best in Anti static products

Reputed for their elasticity and toughness, our Antistatic Flooring Manufacturer have been adopted by several industrialists as the best floors in their category. This range has excellent characteristics, together with its anti-static and anti-bacterial properties, which has boosted the status of this product. Kinetic polymers are the perfect solution for every experiment. High traffic sturdy and dispelling properties, these floor coverings are highly useful and ecologically friendly making them suitable for many industries.

Areas Of Antistatic Flooring Application
Antistatic Flooring Manufacturer
  • Electronics Industries
  • Electronics component manufacturing area
  • Explosives factories
  • Textile industries
  • Pharmaceutical & Healthcare