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Antistatic and Conductive Pallets

Antistatic & Conductive Pallets

Still can’t find the perfect pallet? Kinetic polymers are here. We are one of the top leading manufacturers, suppliers of Antistatic and Conductive Pallets in Hyderabad. We offer Conductive Pallets in various specifications with different models. Our Pallets are made from Antistatic & Conductive materials and are appreciated for various products for wide industrial use. Best in its state-of-the-art advanced technology, we are largest manufacturer and supplier of Antistatic and Conductive Pallets in India, Hyderabad. We are committed to deliver various quality products in several industries. Due to integral property of anti static products, which allow various customers to maintain high level safety norms while handling of material.

Kinetic polymers delivers all the products to its customers with few features of robust, corrosion proof, maintenance free, decomposable with committed quality standards etc.. Antistatic and Conductive Pallets helps to reduce static electricity charges on a person’s body or equipment, either to avoid fires and explosions when occupied with igneous liquids and gases, or to prevent damage to static-sensitive objects.

  • Good Anti-static property
  • High strength and good machinability
  • High-temperature resistance
  • Chemical resistant
  • Long life cycle