Anti Static Masterbatch

Kinetic Polymers is renowned as a dynamic player in the Masterbatch industry. A combination of our state-of-the-art facility, latest technology, reliable quality and highly skilled workmanship makes us one of the best manufacturer and supplier of various types of masterbatches. Anti-static masterbatch is one such item in our list.

We have a rich history of providing superior quality products. We are a customer focused organisation providing support that meets the expectation of our customers.


Reduced electrical resistance, high performance

  • Dust pick up
  • Handling problem
  • ESD damage

Anti-static masterbatches aim to neutralize the charges on the surface of the polymer and eliminates these problems. Anti-static Masterbatch functions by attracting water molecules from the atmosphere


  • Antistatic packaging
  • Handling of electronic components
  • Power cables & accessories


  • Good conductivity
  • Easy mixing & processing
  • An excellent price performance ratio
  • Prevent the static charge
  • We welcome you to put forward your anti-static masterbatch requirements. We will be more than happy to cater to your needs.